Thursday, May 28, 2009


Check out the new listing of classes below for the month of June. If interested contact me at


This is a unique fun new way to get in the best shape of your life. PaddleFit combines 
the traditional Hawaiian sport of stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) with cutting edge 
strength and conditioning fitness to give you a total mind body workout. Develop the 
core, train the body, relax the mind! Experience the future of functional fitness training! 

PaddleFit conditioning classes introduce you to the new sport of Stand Up 
Paddleboarding (SUP). You will learn how to paddle with proper technique, engage your 
core and utilize your entire body to power the board through the water. Dry land 
conditioning and circuit exercises will be integrated into each session, providing a 
dynamic workout. PaddleFit redefines total body fitness. 

PaddleFit @ Alice Lake 

MONDAY’S June 1st, 8th, 15th 6-7:30pm 
WEDNESDAY’S June 3rd, 10th, 17th 6-7:15am 
THURSDAY’S June 4th, 11th, 18th 7-8:30pm 

Pre Registration Required. 

Learn to Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) highly recommended before taking PaddleFit! 
One-hour intro lessons offered. Learn to paddle, gain confidence and have fun! 

Learn to SUP – Intro Class @ Alice Lake 

MONDAY’S 5 - 6pm 
TUESDAY’S 6 - 7pm 

Pre Registration Required. 

PaddleFit Whistler 

Living in Whistler? Have some friends who would like to try this Hawaiian sport? Give 
us a call and we can arrange the same class for you at Rainbow Park. Minimum of 4 
people needed. 

What to Bring: 

No equipment is necessary from you. Just come dressed for the weather and for a 
workout. We suggest you put a spare pair of clothes in the car, just in case. This is not a 
swimming class and we don't expect you to get wet but, well, just play it safe  Please 
wear running shoes for the dryland training. Bare feet works great when on the boards. 

  • Registration Form (completed for 1st class only)  
  • Par Q Form (completed for 1st class only) 
  • Cash or Cheque (made payable to Jen Segger) 
  • Water bottle 
  • Towel  
  • Running Shoes & workout clothes 
  • Extra set of clothes (kept in the car, just in case) 


Instructors: Norm Hann & Jen Segger 


Wednesday night we had our second Paddlefit class under a beautiful sunset at Alice Lake. We had a few new members tonight including Mandy, Jen and Meghan. It was incredible to see the improvement in Stand Up Paddling technique from last weeks class to this weeks class. All the girls had an outstanding workout and are really starting to catch on to the new sport of S.U.P. while complementing their fitness with tough circuit and conditioning routines. Jen and I are already looking forward to next weeks class. Nice job everyone!! If your interested in signing up for a Paddlefit Class contact me a

Monday, May 25, 2009

MOMAR 2009- D.N.F.

This year's Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race did not go as planned. We had an outstanding day of weather for this race and i was excited to be racing with a couple of friends from the states Aaron Rinn, one of the top adventurer racers in the world who races for Dart Nuun and Chris Matze from Oregon. Jen had set up an incredible race that really showcased the best biking, trekking and rapeling Squamish has to offer. The race started well and I got out of the blocks pretty quick as it was 4 k sprint around Alice Lake. From there we headed onto our bikes for a bunch of climbing and sweet single track. It wouldn't be a momar without losing something so I decided to lose my checkpoint card. (pretty important) I knew i had lost it when i took out my map so i backtracked but in the confusion a friend of mine had picked it up, went by me, but since we were in race mode we did not communicate that well and anyways he brought it to the next checkpoint. A lot of racers went by me at this point and I was pretty frustrated. I managed to regroup and got through the navigation course okay. Then it was back onto the bike for more climbing and I had really started to push the pace on the downhills trying to make up time and thats where my race ended. Going too fast over a little rise and on a steep loose section of the course Jen had warned us about, I went head over heels and catapulted myself into a big boulder. Someone behind me thought I flew a good 10 feet. My arm went numb and I thought for sure bones were sticking out but I was really lucky i guess. I managed to bike, crawl, cry, whimper to the next check point but once there I was in a lot of pain and my race was done. I was super disappointed because we had more biking and the best part of the course, a hike up the Chief and a world class rappel off the chief. While competitors were doing that I was in emergency. Xrays were okay, nothing broken but the doctor thought I might have a slight separation, with badly bruised shoulders and ribs. The last couple of days have been pretty painful and it has been tough not getting out for some exercise but i will try to be patient and take my time. We had a good time at the after party and I am already looking forward to MOMAR Cumberland, where hopefully i will have my partner, Jen, back and she can look after me. Thanks to Jen for setting up and incredible course and to Bryan Tasaka for hosting another outstanding event. Now I have to get better quick for our Paddlefit class on Wednesday.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Mountain Surf Adventures and Challenge By Choice teamed up last night for our first Paddlefit Class. Paddlefit is a new concept combining on land circuit training and stand up paddleboarding, which in combination delivers a functional complete body workout. Tonight was our first of six classes held at Alice Lake. Kathy, Shannon, Greg, Sally, Inis, and Lee all did an outstanding job for their first time on the S.U.P and really pushed hard  through the workout. Outstanding weather coming up this weekend so I hope to see you out having fun. 

For more information or to sign up for Paddlefit, rent S.U.P's or have a lesson visit Mountain Surf Adventures.......or email me at

Monday, May 18, 2009


Right after my two week California road trip I then got back in the car with my friend Jen Dickie and dr0ve up to Prince Rupert. From there we took a ferry down to the native community of Hartley Bay. I have worked with this community and the youth now for a number of years. Last year i did some kayak training for the high school kids and Jen and I came back up this year to deliver the next level in the Paddle Canada Kayak certifications. 
I had really missed being back in the community and it was awesome to see all of the kids. We had 13 students that we put through a three day course. They were trained in paddle strokes, rescues and decision making. 
It was incredible to see how quickly the  confidence in these kids grew over the three days. We were very proud to present the students with their certifications. We are now looking forward to heading back up to take the kids on a multiday kayaking expedition in their territory to help develop their decision making skills, expedition planning and to help them gain more experience. Thanks to Cam and Eva Hill, my adopted family for looking after us while we were up there and sharing their amazing hospitality with us.



The last week of April and first week of May we headed down to California for an epic two week road trip. Our first stop was LA for an 8 hour mountain bike race. The day after that we went up to Malibu to do our first stand up paddleboard race. It was a 7 mile downwinder and it was a blast paddling with Chuck Patterson, one of the best stand up paddlers in the world. From there we carried on to Newport beach for an amazing workout with Bob at Crossfit Newport, I was sore for three days. We stayed at our friend Cat's place. Thanks Cat for the great hospitality.  Then it was down to Solana Beach just north of San Diego to stay at TR's place. I was in heaven as it was a 2 minute walk to the beach with the stand up paddleboard. We were down there for 5 days and I spent most of my time in the water SUPing Tabletops.  I was so tired i could barely lift my arms. It is such an incredible surf culture in California and I think I made jen stop at every surf shop from Squamish to San Diego. I was like a little kid in a candy store. My favorite place was the Patagonia first surf inspired store in Cardiff.
 I didn't really want to leave Solana Beach but we had to make our way back up north. We stopped in places like Ventura, Rincon, Santa Barbara, Big Sur, Monterrey, Morro Bay and Santa Cruz. The Big Sur shoreline was one of the most incredible shorelines I have ever seen and if you ever get a chance to drive it you will never forget it. Our last night was spent in northern california at an incredible spot in the Redwood forest called Patricks Point.  Beautiful campsite with booming surf. 
The final day we stopped at Cresent City to see if Greg Noll was around but not even his son's surf shop was open and the surf itself was terrible so we cruised all the way home to Squamish. I think we stopped at every coffee shop between Squmaish and San Diego too. It was an amazing trip and I can't wait to get back there.......a lot longer next time.