Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winter 2007/2008 Adventure Theme Song

Rhymefest featuring Citizen Cope-Bullet 
Hope you enjoy this one.......we have been cranking this all year.......7 am workouts, apres ski vids, basketball name it and we go hard to Citizen Cope.......Bullet and a Target. Bullet is is adventure and fun.

Cerise Creek Ski Tour Video

Cerise Creek Ski Tour

Last Sunday after a smooth Americano in Brackendale, Jen, Matt and I headed up to "The Duffy," for a tour of the Cerise Creek area. Matt is an adventure racing teammate of Jen's from Seattle and was up in BC for some adventure exploration and general fun. Jen and I were excited to show him some backcountry stashes. Of course prior to burning energy we had to stop for some body fuel in Pemberton. We all demolished a wicked breaky and then had to have another coffee at our favorite spot in Pemberton before making our final approach to the Duffy. After gearing up we blasted up the Cerise powering through 20 cms of fresh light powder on our way up to our first descent. We had a beautiful decsent off the lower shoulder of Mt. Matier. It was so fun that we had to do another one but we picked another line that was sitting in the golden sunshine of a beautiful mountain day. Back up we skinned. Our final run of the day ended with knee deep, fresh light powder. Matt lead the way with some beautiful turns as Jen and I found our own clean lines down into the valley behind him. From there we blasted back out to the parking lot and ended our day with yet another coffee in Pemby. Apres was at the Cottonwoods Mountain and Ocean Resort for nacho's, a fire and some well earned beverages. Thanks goes to Matt for coming up and hanging with the Brack pack. We are already looking forward to the next adventure.
Thanks goes to Matt for coming up and hanging with the Brack Pack. We are already looking forward to the next backcountry adventure.

Here is Matt after our skin up for our first run. Joffre Mountain is looming behind him. 

Friday, January 25, 2008

Well, had a fun day today. Today was Rory's birthday(pictured here). He got a custom skateboard from Slow Motion Longboards. I already have one that he really enjoyed using so he was really excited to have his own. We went skate boarding together as you can see. That is a rootbeer in my hand, honestly, you can ask Jo. I do not drink and drive. After the party we had a couple of basketball games. Our Quest girls played the All Star team in Squamish here and we played very well and came out with a very good win. The girls were pretty happy and gained a lot of confidence from the game. Thanks to all of the girls who came out to play, especially the hot little shooter they had. Afterwards a mens team that I play on played against the Quest guys. We got beat by close to 20. The guys played pretty well. I on the other hand was kicked out in the first quarter as a result of not dialing back my intensity and being so excited to play in my first real university game in 8 years. It was not fun watching from the bench and i and I apologize for letting the guys down and letting my coach down. I have another chance at redemption tommorrow. I will keep my mouth shut. Hope everyone is well and enjoying their weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Sea Here

Hey everyone. Well its been a tough couple of months for me as I have had an injury for awhile. Chipped bone in my ankle but i am getting better. Big Norm says that the reason he hasnt been taking me for so many walks is because he wants me to rest but i think thats garbage. I know he is busy teaching and coaching and having fun but my days get a little boring. I move from the couch, to the bed upstairs, to looking out the window for cats and various movements that excite me. I guess the rest is good though because I am moving a lot better now. My left quad is huge as I have been using three legs most of the time. I will have to talk to the park people at Garibaldi because i know Norm is up there everyday touring and they dont allow dogs up there, discrimination. Kills me to see him leave all the time with his ski's and a smile on his face. Glad he is happy though. Here i am at one of my favorite spots, the Squamish River. I checked out a few salmon carcasses today. I didnt roll in any though, Norm hates that, and I hate the showers i have to get afterwards. I think I smell pretty good actually. I heard norm talk about Cerise Creek again this weekend so i am hoping I get to go. Well, talk to you soon. I am heading back to the bed for more "rest." I think Norm is building a fire so I will head down there soon. Oh ya, I have been really good too. I havent bitten anyones hands off lately and I havent been terrorizing the neighborhood. Tough to be a Rotty Big Sea

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Full Moon Ski Tour

Well tonight I headed up to Red Heather and Paul Ridge for a full moon ski tour. It took us just under and hour to get to Red Heather. The sun had just set behind the Tantalus Range on the other side of the valley and was lighting up the sky in colors that would motivate Roy Vickers(prominent native BC artist). We were all by ourselves at the top of Paul Ridge as the moon was rising above Mamquam Mountian and lighting up the slopes and terrain of Garibaldi Provincial Park.I even saw a falling star that was almost green, which flashed for seconds and left. I did make a wish. Incredible moonlight, like someone turned on a massive spotlight. After some hot chocolate we skied the illuminated slopes back down to Red Heather. The ski out to the lot was fun as we passed others who were beginning to make there trek up for night of the full moon. Our backyard is an incredible place. Thanks to Jen and Ty for being with me.