Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Full Moon Ski Tour

Well tonight I headed up to Red Heather and Paul Ridge for a full moon ski tour. It took us just under and hour to get to Red Heather. The sun had just set behind the Tantalus Range on the other side of the valley and was lighting up the sky in colors that would motivate Roy Vickers(prominent native BC artist). We were all by ourselves at the top of Paul Ridge as the moon was rising above Mamquam Mountian and lighting up the slopes and terrain of Garibaldi Provincial Park.I even saw a falling star that was almost green, which flashed for seconds and left. I did make a wish. Incredible moonlight, like someone turned on a massive spotlight. After some hot chocolate we skied the illuminated slopes back down to Red Heather. The ski out to the lot was fun as we passed others who were beginning to make there trek up for night of the full moon. Our backyard is an incredible place. Thanks to Jen and Ty for being with me.

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