Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Sea Here

Hey everyone. Well its been a tough couple of months for me as I have had an injury for awhile. Chipped bone in my ankle but i am getting better. Big Norm says that the reason he hasnt been taking me for so many walks is because he wants me to rest but i think thats garbage. I know he is busy teaching and coaching and having fun but my days get a little boring. I move from the couch, to the bed upstairs, to looking out the window for cats and various movements that excite me. I guess the rest is good though because I am moving a lot better now. My left quad is huge as I have been using three legs most of the time. I will have to talk to the park people at Garibaldi because i know Norm is up there everyday touring and they dont allow dogs up there, discrimination. Kills me to see him leave all the time with his ski's and a smile on his face. Glad he is happy though. Here i am at one of my favorite spots, the Squamish River. I checked out a few salmon carcasses today. I didnt roll in any though, Norm hates that, and I hate the showers i have to get afterwards. I think I smell pretty good actually. I heard norm talk about Cerise Creek again this weekend so i am hoping I get to go. Well, talk to you soon. I am heading back to the bed for more "rest." I think Norm is building a fire so I will head down there soon. Oh ya, I have been really good too. I havent bitten anyones hands off lately and I havent been terrorizing the neighborhood. Tough to be a Rotty Big Sea


Jen Segger-Gigg said...

Awsome Sea Puppy - you have to be patient with your injury - if you push too hard now and dont heal properly you might be missing out on many long trails with your favorite running partner :)

littlesis said...

Hey Sea Monster,
Your autie Shannon misses you a lot. Make sure you take good care of Norm when you go on all your adventures in the back country. Have a good time in Kelowna this weekend and I'll see you soon.