Friday, January 25, 2008

Well, had a fun day today. Today was Rory's birthday(pictured here). He got a custom skateboard from Slow Motion Longboards. I already have one that he really enjoyed using so he was really excited to have his own. We went skate boarding together as you can see. That is a rootbeer in my hand, honestly, you can ask Jo. I do not drink and drive. After the party we had a couple of basketball games. Our Quest girls played the All Star team in Squamish here and we played very well and came out with a very good win. The girls were pretty happy and gained a lot of confidence from the game. Thanks to all of the girls who came out to play, especially the hot little shooter they had. Afterwards a mens team that I play on played against the Quest guys. We got beat by close to 20. The guys played pretty well. I on the other hand was kicked out in the first quarter as a result of not dialing back my intensity and being so excited to play in my first real university game in 8 years. It was not fun watching from the bench and i and I apologize for letting the guys down and letting my coach down. I have another chance at redemption tommorrow. I will keep my mouth shut. Hope everyone is well and enjoying their weekend.

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