Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stand Up Paddleboarding the Queen Charlotte Islands

For the last two weeks i was up at the Outpost Fishing Lodge guiding salmon fishing tours. Manager and great friend, Ken Beatty had an old Bic Windsurfer that he brought up to train on and explore. The Outpost Fishing Lodge is located on the remote west side of Graham Island. It is a stunning shoreline with vast amounts of power and energy emanating from the ocean. It is a goal of mine to paddle this shoreline and SUP into some of the untouched big reef breaks. Till then Ken and I have been working on our downwind paddling on the very unstable Bic Windsurfer. I have a new line of Imagine SUP's arriving in the next couple of weeks Kenny B already has his name on the Eco 12 foot SUP. Kenny's goal to salmon fish off the SUP is not far away........nor is the goal to explore this shoreline by SUP.

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