Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back to Haida Gwaii

I am back up on the west coast of Haida Gwaii salmon fishing again for The Outpost lodge. The past few weeks prior to coming up here were great. I was over on the island with Jen and we did the Kusam Climb. Really tough 23 km race as the first 8km were straight up, 4500 feet. I managed to place 5th out of the 400 racers. Last week i ran Comfortably Numb and thats what my legs felt like in that 25 km trail race. They did not quite seem recovered after the Kusam but it was fun to run anyways. I only race so i can pig out at the junk table afterwards. I placed 11th which was okay since there were some pretty good runners. One of these days i may train for these races but for now they are just fun to compete in. 

So this monday i came up to the Charlottes to fish. Fishing has been a little slow but it picked up today. I had some nice fish this afternoon. Yesterday everyone did well on the Halibut. I released a hali that was 6 feet long which puts it at around 180-200 pounds. Another guide brought one to the dock that banged the scale at 225. Unreal. Weather has been pretty good considering its the charlottes. I see a nice sunset right now so tomorrow looks promising. I will try to keep updated on the fishing up here and i will try to send some pictures.

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Munny said...

let's see the big fishy's dude ! Keep landing the big one.