Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Ohhhhhh I am so excited, after a month of searching I finally found a used stand up paddle board. Its actually the first SUP i had ever been on. I rented this board from Neil at Second Wave in North Vancouver and after a couple of weeks of bugging him he finally sold it to me and now a whole world awaits. Its really all I have been thinking about lately so my first paddle was of course with my love, Big Sea on Alice Lake. I really thought it was going to take me awhile before she got comfortable on this thing but she stood on it for a second, got off, realized I was going to go and hopped on and sat down on my feet. So there I was for my first paddle with Big Sea happy as a clam. (not sure where that slogan came, do clams get happy and sad??) So we paddled around the lake as I got used to the board. Its a sweet board, an 11'6" Southpoint Timpone Kalama Edition. Pretty sick ride. Stable yet moves well. It's an awesome workout and I have just been dreamin as to all of the places I will go. For starters I will be heading into Howe Sound to put a few miles on in the upcoming weeks with hopes of heading to the west coast to try my hand at surfing this thing and tackling a few overnight expeditions with it. It is so much fun, I just love trying and getting good at a new sport, especially when it includes paddling, surfboards, surfing and the ocean. Awesome.......stay posted for Adventures of a Brackendale SUPer 

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couzinhub said...

That looks pretty nice, I was wondering where I could find such boards around vancouver. I live downtown, and often see a guy paddling around english bay. That looks like the perfect winter activity if you have a good dry suit.

Any informations about stores or websites ?