Monday, October 27, 2008


This weekend I was back on the SUP. We had some spectacular weather here in Sea to Sky country so we had to take advantage of it. I picked Jen up and we headed to the Squamish River, me on my Kalama and Jen on her Sitka Longboard. We took turns paddling down the river, thank goodness for the wetsuits because the river was pretty cold. It took us a couple of hours to get down to the spit from our launch at the Mamquam River. We did not time things right because we were paddling into a strong inflow wind by the time we got close to the ocean and a flooding tide as well. Great workout though and the scenery was spectacular.

Sunday we had to head up to Whistler to meet some friends so we had another workout on Alta Lake. Jen paddled her kayak to get ready for the world adventure championships in Brazil and I paddled my SUP to get ready for the World SUP Championships(no such thing.....yet) It was a really cold morning with a stiff northerly outflow wind. I did manage to paddle up a short river where i ran into a family of otters and a lone coyote. That was pretty cool. The weather here has been really amazing so I am hoping to get back out for some more SUP training. Soon i will head to Tofino to try to surf this thing. We had post adventure breaky at the Function Junction Wild Wood(the best) and  it was great to see my old guiding buddy Tankers with his better Swedish half, Laura.