Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just the Boys- Killarney 2008

August I was back in Northern Ontario for a sea kayaking trip and right after that Dad, my brother Brad and Big Sea went into one of my all time favorite places, Killarney Provincial Park. Dad was one of the first surveyors there back in the early sixties and for the past 3 summers we have headed back into the park for some outstanding paddling and even better fishing. I am a huge fisherman since I grew up on Wahnapitae River at Grampa Stacey's camp in the summers and fished all day everyday. The fishing in the lakes in Killarney not affected by acid rain is incredible. I was really excited for this trip. We only had a short time, 2 days, 1 night. We rented some canoes at Bell Lake from Killarney Kanoes and our first day took us through Bell Lake and into 3 mile Lake. I of course was always way behind since I was fishing all the way and couldn't pass up ideallyic casting spots. We managed to find the last campsite on 3 Mile. It was a beautiful spot and the evening was turning into one of those special Northern Ontario August evenings. After setting camp we headed out for some fishing. Of course Brad was getting outfished badly by the pro but he managed to make a late run with some sweet topwater action. He landed a beauty smallmouth that was released while I landed a hard fighting largemouth and one nice smallmouth bass. We kept both for supper. Dad was happy to just paddle around smoking cigars. The sunset was awesome to say the least and as it got dark we headed back to camp where i filleted the fish and then cooked them
over an open fire while enjoying tasty cold ones and a couple of Don Tomas. The following day brought sunny and warm conditions. From 3 mile lake we portaged into Balsam Lake and ended up having lunch at a great spot. It was here that I had to show my little bro how pull the hogs in. Brad actually had this beauty largemouth pictured below hammer his topwater bait but could not coax him back for another strike. After repairing Brads rod from his breakage the night before i tested it out and casted the same Zara Spook topwater bait and must have landed it on the fishes head as he thumped it and after a solid battle landed this beauty and then released him. We then headed into Deacon Lake for some more exploration and were surprised to run into friends Dave and Laura Bertrim on day two of their paddle through the park. We then made our way back through the chain of lakes and back to the truck after more fishing and relaxed paddling. I was really in heaven being with Dad and my brother and big Sea. We all had a really good time and we are excited about going back next year. We are trying to coax my sisters into coming as well. Mom, no problem, she grew up catching snakes, fishing and beating up the boys so I know she is in. Shansy has been know to fish beside her big brother the odd time but stacey, well, we may have to work on her. 

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