Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Update

Well the snow conditions were not so great this weekend but I still managed to get out a few times. Friday after work I had a quick workout and managed to get up to Red Heather and back to Seabus pretty quick. Saturday, Jen and I, after a late start, changed scenery and headed to Mount Seymour. Again the conditions were very poor, zero visibility and very mild conditions. We managed to get up to the 1st Peak. Big Sea was really happy as you can tell. She seems to be getting into better shape and her leg seems to be getting stronger, especially after the full throttle sprint down the ski run and back to the truck. Yesterday I had a great guide and went out on a wicked trail run in the snow and ice. It was a cruisy 10km through some great forest north of Valley Cliff. Today was rain again but I managed another ski tour with Michelle up to, you guessed it, Red Heather and afterwards a basketball scrimmage with the guys team. Bryce and I were on the same team so we couldnt fight and get kicked out. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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