Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Well finally today I went on my first ski tour with the big guy. As you can tell by the picture i was all ready to go. Now if you think I look a little embarrassed its because I am. The WWI Fighter Pilot Retro Toque was not my idea. I am a distinguished Rottweiller. Dont let this picture fool you....i can be vicious and sever arms on command. I figured if this is what it took to hit the backcountry then fine, I can deal with it. Anywho, Boss and I went into the city which gave me most of the day to rest. We headed up to Mt. Seymour where they allow puppies like me to get into the backcountry. Well we headed up the trail and it felt amazing to be in the snow. I was so excited that i didnt know which way to run so i just ran as fast i could in any direction I felt like. I rolled around in the snow numerous times and i couldn't keep the smile off my face. Little did I know I should have saved my energy. We headed up the well packed trail. Anytime I got off trail I could barely move because the snow was so deep. As we got higher up the mountain the winds became ferocious, blowing upwards of 90kms an hour, some gusts i am sure were more. There was a storm force wind warning on the coast and it was hitting pretty hard up here. It was snowing heavily and the visibility as we got higher became almost nil. I thought this was cool for awhile but as we got higher the trail became covered and i found myself wallowing in the deep stuff. The big guy kept laughing, I think it was at me. I looked pretty funny i guess since i was snowblasted and covered white except for two black eye holes, thank goodness for the toque(kidding, i left it at home when Norm turned his back). Anyways we went for about an hour and finally I started just sitting in the snow and not wanting to go on. When Norm stopped I would run to him and sit on his skis. I was concerned for Norms safety which is why I stopped. It had nothing to do with me being out of shape and fresh off the couch. Anyways Norm kept on going higher and I had to follow. Soon we could barely make out the winter safety poles. I couldn't believe how windy it was.  Thank goodness Norm finally turned around, I was more than happy to head down. My bad ankle was holding up pretty well and I know Norm wanted to get me out here for some training to build my muscles back up. On our way down we linked up with the ski hill. Norm took off his skins which gave me time to build a nest in the snow and act like a husky or wolf. Snow is an insulator you know. Norm didn't waste anytime going down. I almost got run over by two snowmachines going up the hill and then had to dangle down the hill to keep up the big guy. The hill was hardpacked so it was easy to hammer down. We got back to the car and went to Deep Cove for Apres.....course I had to stay in the car where I took a little cat nap. It was an awesome tour, mother nature was full on and it was great to be in the middle of it. Now I am on "my" bed resting and waiting for our next adventure. Thanks for reading......talk to you later......Big Sea(Sea Puppy).


littlesis said...

Hi Sea Puppy,
Everytime I see you in that hat it kills me...Im laughing with you...not at you....well sort of :)
Glad to see you are getting back to your old "fit" self again. It Valentines Day coming up and maybe Norm will surprise you with a treat since you are his favorite girl.
I miss you and hope to see you soon.
Thank you for taking care of Norm on your adventures in the snowsnorms...BE CAREFUL...lots of avalanches around...
Love you

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