Monday, June 8, 2009


This past weekend I was in Monterey California nursing my shoulder and running support for Jen Segger, Cyril and Sylvia, all team Dart Nuun members at the 24 hours of Adrenalin Mountain Bike Race. Jen had an outstanding race and completed 19 laps(16km) laps in 24 hours easily winning the women's solo. She road strong and had to battle through some early cramping to get the job done. Very impressive racing and endurance. Cyril was equally as strong completing 23 laps and leading from start to finish to win the men's solo. Cyril's partner Sylvie won the solo women's 8 hour race. It was great working support with Jackie and although it was hard watching from the sidelines I knew that my work was just important for the team's success. We had an incredible full moon rise and the morning sunrise was spectacular. I really enjoyed the experience and I was very proud of Jen, Cyril and Sylvie. I went through my fair share of Bean Around the World coffee to keep me up and functioning. Good times.

This week we have more Paddlefit Classes. Weather looks good, not as hot as last week but lots of sun in the forecast.

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