Monday, March 2, 2009

Stand Up on the Sunshine Coast

Jen and I had a change of plans this weekend. The Big Mountain Battle in Kamloops was traded in for a day on the Sunshine Coast. We headed over Friday night after missing the ferry and being the last car to NOT get on. We found a campsite, sort of, and woke to a beautiful morning where we began the day with a run to Skookumchuk Narrows with Big Sea. It wasn't really ripping nor was it big enough to stand up paddleboard on (kidding, at least for now). After our run we found some coffee and headed to Half Moon bay for a great two hour stand up. Conditions were perfect as you can see. We googled at all the amazing homes in the bay and then headed for yet another coffee afterwards. It was a great little get away and i am looking forward to going back for more stand up and some mountain biking. I am pumped about next weekend too, my first stand up paddleboard race in Qualicum Beach. Should be lots of fun so this week I am heading back onto the Sound for some more training. 

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Rivurd3311 said...

Hey Love, you know I have been envious of a "few things" you get to do while living out west, but after reading this blog, you know what I'm most envious and Jen having a coffee....I gave it up for lent and I'm going into caffeine

Good luck with your first SUP race...(and likely not the last)...keep core Paula